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Why Gemini Connections

We function like an extension of your marketing department

Sometimes marketing does not fit easily into your day-to-day operations. Your focus is on making your business operations run efficiently, your manufacturing processes operate seamlessly, and your sales figures increase exponentially. Let us research your trade media, provide a competitive product comparison, develop talking points in case an editor approaches you at a trade show, draft frequently asked questions for your customer service team, develop your sales presentation, put together your training manual, or work on ways to communicate frequently with your customer base.

We're not afraid to ask the "dumb" questions

We may ask what appear to be dumb questions to different people within your organization. Questions like: Why are you in business? What makes your company special? Tell me again what makes your product innovative? If everything is equal between you and your competitor - why should customers choose you? You would be amazed at the different answers we receive from executive level management, sales, technical support, customer service, and the admin team. And then, we'll ask your customer the same questions. Our bet is that all answers are marketable.

We are not a proponent of 'change' for change sake

We have learned over the years that most of our clients have great intuition, but lack the time to act on it. Sometimes we are hired simply to validate that intuition. Sometimes we find that we need to tweak the message or target a slightly different segment of the same market.

We like to read old research documents

If you have invested in qualitative research on your company, conducted focus groups, completed benchmark studies... we want to look at them, even if you think they are outdated. We have found gems of information that were previously overlooked, simply ignored, or were not considered important at the time.

We want to see the 'old stuff'

Old brochures, ads, literature... you name it. Digging for long lost facts can actually be healthy and refreshing. Sometimes all that needs to be done is a little dusting or a new twist on an old concept. Old messages often can work in new markets. Many times we have discovered little bits of information buried within the big picture that prove to be extremely beneficial in selling the technical merits of your product or business. We find that clients tire of their message long before their customers do.

We are plugged into in the communications and engineering field

If a project calls for it, we will retain creative consultants who think very differently than we do. Sometimes we can't do it alone, either. And we're not afraid to admit that. We encourage creative debate to bring thoughts forward. We're also well networked in the technical engineering field and have utilized engineering consultants on many occasions over the years. We have a true appreciation for what they bring to the creative process.