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Client:  Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI)
Target:  manufacturers with hot work operations

Merchandising successful outcomes can be communicated in many ways. Gemini works with AMI in soliciting and writing case histories that are then turned into press releases and newsletters.

Client:  Specified Technologies, Inc. (STI)
Target:  commercial & institutional building owners and general contractors

Case studies take tenacity and patience. But when they are done, they can be used in many ways to build the credibility of a company. Gemini interviewed customers, wrote copy, and placed the case studies in trade publications. These case studies were then turned into newsletters and direct mail pieces and used at a number of sales functions and trade shows.

Client:  Vista Law
Target:  client base

Gemini provided the design template for the VistaLaw newsletter, which they use to stay in touch with their clients in a factual and friendly way.

Client:  The Tustin Group
Target:  employees

Communicating frequently to all technicians, engineering staff and customer service reps in three separate offices is critical for seamless service. Gemini interviews, writes, and designs this quarterly newsletter. Yes, old fashioned snail mail is still the preferred method of delivery for this piece for this client.

Client:  Multiple
Target:  multiple

Via ConstantContact, Gemini works with clients to write and design custom messages for custom mailings. Depending on the requirements, messages are written and designed for an audience of 30 up to 2500.