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Client:  NAIMA
Target:  policymakers, environmental specifiers

Many times companies spend dollars on market or technical research. When this report on "Sand" was completed and published in a technical journal, Gemini reviewed the research with a marketing eye, picked out the salient points and created a marketing piece to further promote the benefits of the product.

Client:  NAIMA
Target:  policymakers and consumers

The results of this study conducted by Harvard University helped the client on Capitol Hill. Gemini reworked the information into an informational marketing piece that helped consumers understand the lifestyle benefits of insulated homes.

Client:  Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI)
Target:  safety professionals

One of AMI's key marketing strategies is to take the lead by getting on speaking agendas and expert panels in professional forums. Gemini is instrumental in locating the appropriate forums, and in the paper and presentation development. Many times executive presentations are turned into sales presentations, used on the AMI website, or sent out on CDs to potential customers.

Target:  U.S. & European policy makers

This brochure combined data from both U.S. and European agencies. The data quantified how much energy is saved by insulating homes and buildings in the U.S. and Europe, and connected it to the improvements in public health and economic development. This piece is continually used at many global energy efficiency forums. Gemini worked with NAIMA & EURIMA to help clarify and communicate the messages in brochures, trade show booths, direct mail pieces and public presentations.