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Client:  Specified Technologies, Inc. (STI)
Target:  architects

Innovation comes at a price. If something looks too different, it may take an extra push to get people to try it. This was the case with STI's new EZ-Path® Fire Rated Pathway. Gemini developed the copy and graphics for this piece and coordinated the mailing to building architects.

Client:  Synergy Insulation Company
Target:  large regional builders

Synergy's goal was simple - to expand their business into two counties, and pick up 6-8 new builders. The problem was getting noticed. Synergy met their goal in 5 months with this "one little truck" campaign written and produced by Gemini.

Client:  National Refrigerants
Target:  air conditioning contractors

Change is difficult and can be perceived as costly unless the costs are easily explained, as was done in this 3-part mailer that addressed the differences between CFC and non-CFC refrigerants. Concept, copy, design and mailings were done by the Gemini team.

Client:  Alpha Associates
Target:  insulation system specifiers in the refinery market

Insulation systems need year-round protection. Alpha introduced a non-metal jacketing product that was easier to install and could withstand the hazards of the outdoor environment better than traditional metal jacketing systems. Gemini developed the concept, copy, and design, coordinated the photography, and conducted the mailings.

Client:  Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI)
Target:  trade media, distributor sales representatives, end users

When AMI's website was completely overhauled, customers needed encouragement to use the new site and explore the new features. Gemini wrote most of the web copy, sent out press releases to the media, sales team and end users, and followed up with a direct mail postcard encouraging them to visit the site. The new site is a huge success and hits from both current customers and new contacts are off the charts.

Client:  The Tustin Group
Target:  tri-state area building facility managers

"When the Well is Dry, We Know the Worth of Water." This announcement piece was sent to a qualified list of facility managers who expressed interest in improving their carbon footprint. Mailer was followed up immediately with a sales call and an in-person energy audit. Gemini created the mailer and continues to work with the client in redefining their sustainability messages in ways that connect to their facility manager audience.