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Client:  Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI)
Target:  industrial distributors

AMI wanted a selling piece that would appeal to multi-line distributors to get them more actively involved in presenting AMI's line of welding textiles. The brochure includes a laminated 'tip in' card to be used as a leave-behind item.

Client:  Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI)
Target:  end users performing hot work at facilities

Imported materials were failing in the market. Independent certification was instituted to provide performance guarantees. AMI wanted a bold piece to graphically demonstrate how to quickly identify certified products.

Client:  NAIMA
Target:  policy makers, green building specifiers and standards groups

What makes a product sustainable? There are many considerations. The goal of this piece was to familiarize the audience with the attributes of fiber glass insulation and the positive contributions it makes to sustainability.

Client:  NAIMA
Target:  policy makers, sustainable construction standards personnel

Are the key ingredients in fiber glass insulation natural, abundant and renewable? The answer is, yes. This piece positions fiber glass as one of the only insulation products made from natural and recycled products.

Client:  NAIMA
Target:  home builders

Sometimes competitive companies enjoy misrepresenting the facts to get ahead. This piece highlights third-party research that clarifies misconceptions on insulation and air infiltration perpetuated by the competition.

Client:  Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI)
Target:  MROP audiences

AMI manufactures hundreds of products and sells to a wide variety of users. This handy product catalog lists all products, code numbers, ordering information and application recommendations.

Client:  Vineland Packaging
Target:  any company needing customized packaging solutions

Boxes and inserts are vital to protecting products. Our client asked us to create a piece that "makes boxes look beautiful." They used this to pitch high-end packaging customers.

Client:  American Public Transportation Association (APTA)
Target:  policy makers

Gemini designed this piece as a follow-up to APTA's presentation to Congress addressing the need for high-speed rail corridors and upgraded commuter rail services. Start to finish, including printing – 5 days.

Client:  CoreFit Kettlebell Fitness Training
Target:  adults looking to broaden fitness goals

Kettlebell Training is a relatively new fitness training concept that demands additional promotion to showcase the results and transformation that comes with training. Gemini developed the branding image, signage, web content, leave behind pieces, and arranged for photography, plus various response pieces to word of mouth, web inquiries and phone inquiries. Kettlebell training has grown exponentially in one year's time in a market that is saturated with fitness boutiques and gyms.

Client:  One Rail Coalition
Target:  members of rail transit providers, policy makers

Gemini designed a piece to help explain the benefits of supporting policies that facilitate private investment in improving and expanding the U.S. rail infrastructure.

Client:  American Public Transportation Association (APTA)
Target:  members of APTA

APTA invested in a report that provided the long-term vision and blueprint for workforce development in the public transportation industry. Gemini worked with the Association where sensitivities to photos and information was critical and designed a piece that recapped the vision.